AppLock FAQ

AppLock is a security and privacy protection app for Android with super cool and unique features. If you have trouble using this app, check out the FAQ list, your question may already be answered below.

1. How to change password?

Open AppLock, Protect, Unlock Settings

2. How to open hidden AppLock?

Please update to the latest version and then try the following four methods to open hidden AppLock:

  1. Gallery
    Open your Gallery, select a picture, click the share button. Find “Open AppLock” and click it.
  2. Widgets
    Long press the home screen, click Widgets. Find “Open AppLock” and drag it to the home screen.
  3. Dial pad
    Enter ##12345## in your dial pad.
  4. Browser
    Open any link in the browser:

3. How to stop uninstalling AppLock?

Please enable Advanced Protection in Protect of AppLock, so nobody can uninstall or kill AppLock without password. You can disable Advanced Protection when you don’t want it.

4. I forgot my password, How to find it?

Update to the latest version first. And then tap AppLock icon, click the icon at top right corner of lock page, tap ‘forgot password’.

  1. Security answer: enter security answer, click ‘reset password’.
  2. Security email: click ‘send code to security email’, input reset code, click ‘reset password’.

5. Why does AppLock require Device Administrator permission?

It’s only used for preventing intruders uninstalling AppLock.

6. Why does AppLock require Accessibility service?

To enable Power saving mode, please allow Accessibility services. The service is only used to remind users with disabilities to unlock apps, and reduce battery usage.

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  1. Your app lock is work on my xaomi cc9e. When post this comment in play store you said that i should come here.So please solve my problem what should I do.

  2. Pema Dolma Tamang

    My phone storage was almost full.So I deleted backup threats from my files to make space.But unfortunately the photos and videos from appslock are also deleted.Now how can I restore my photos and videos.

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