Android phone notification access settings

On Android smartphones, there is an option named Notification Access which allows users to grant third-party apps the permission to read all notification posted by the system or any installed app, dismiss these notifications or touch action buttons within them. Since the notifications may include personal information such as contact names and the text of messages sent to you, you should not grant unknown apps the access to them. And many smartphone manufacturers choose to hide notification access option from Settings.

To find notification access settings on Android mobile phones, open your phone’s system settings, search for “notification access” or go to Settings > Notifications or Sound & notification see if you can locate it manually.

Android phone notification access settings

As we mentioned above, your phone maker may hide the Notification Access option in Settings. In this case, you can use a third-party app to pop up the notification access on Android phone and change the settings. In a related guide, we used Pushbullet to mirror Android phone’s notifications to PC. When you hit the Notification Mirroring option in the app, the Notification Access settings screen opens.

allow pushbullet notification access android phone

Here you can find a list of apps which require the permission to access your notifications on the phone, such as Microsoft Your Phone Companion, Pushbullet, AirMore, AirDroid, etc. You can allow or disallow any apps to access your notifications on your phone here.

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  1. Something has changed within my phone as a notification with a website attached is linked to it, my phone cannot download the site.
    I’m confused as to what changed and how I can change it back.

    1. My infinix hot8 says notification access doesn’t exist on my phone how do I fix since some applications don’t work without it

      1. I am sure of Infinix hot 8, but I can find notification access on my infinix hot 9. phone makers may hide the Notification Access option in Settings on certain phone models.

      1. Please help me out …. anytime I push the button for an app to have notification access on my phone. It still doesn’t enable…it still remains on off … please help me …
        This is my email account… plz send me a text if u can help

  2. Pls am using infinx hot 6 and in my setting option there is nothing like notification access.pls I do I go about it.

    1. You can find it in app and notification then go to special app access and you will see the notification access

  3. My notification access has being misbehaving when I am using a different app it quickly changes to notification access any reply on how I can change it

  4. Please my tecno phone maker hides some settings even in the developer options
    How could I get those settings back

  5. Please , can somebody tell me how I can add notification access feature on my device it’s Itel S15

    It tells me ” This feature is not available in you device” 🙄🤨

  6. Plss am using an Infinix smart 5 and my phone totally doesn’t have it…….how do I add the notification access to my phone??🤲

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