Use your phone to control PowerPoint Presentation on PC

Instead of a laser pointer, you can use your smartphone to control your PPT presentations on computer. What you need is a remote control app on the phone. In fact, we have seen many other popular apps also include this utility to remote control computer, such as SHAREit, Zapya, etc. In this article, we will show you how Zapya, the free, cross-platform file sharing app, can help us remote control PowerPoint presentations, Open Office presentations on PC from mobile phone.

Go to get the free app from Google Play on to your mobile phone and also download its companion app on your PC. Both of them are totally free to download and use. You can find the download links from the linked page in last paragraph.

There are two steps to use your phone to control the PC and Powerpoint presentations on it. Firstly you need to connect them up via hotspot or Wi-Fi Direct. No internet connection required. Secondly use your phone as a remote mouse, touchpad with quick shortcuts to control PC, play, control PPT on the computer and more.

As we have discussed in a related article, Zapya is a great tool to share files between PC and mobile phone. You can refer to this guide for more details about how your phone and computer can be connected. Basically you can create a Wi-fi hotspot on your PC with this program, then go to join the hotspot from your phone. You can also choose to create Wi-fi hotspot on your phone, then connect your computer to the Wi-fi hotspot on your phone. Wireless connection via Wi-Fi direct is also another option. Go and find more details with screenshots from previous linked page.

Once your phone and computer are connected together via hotspot or Wi-Fi Direct, go to Zapya on mobile, tap your computer name at the top left corner, you will get the drop-down menu list. Choose Control PC to open the PC control panel on Android mobile.

android phone to control pc via zapya
Android phone to control PC via zapya

At the upper section you can move your finger to control the mouse of your computer, just like the physical mouse and touchpad for your laptop. You can find some most frequently used keys and controls at the lower section, ESC, Left Click, Right Click, Page Up, Page Down, Enter.

You can use your phone as the remote mouse to find the PowerPoint presentations or Open Office presentations on PC and start playing the presentation. Then use the shortcuts to control the PPT. For example, if you want to advance to the next slide, you can press the Left Click button, the Enter button, or Page Down button. To go back to previous slide, touch the Page Up button. To end the slideshow on your PC, touch the ESC button on your mobile phone.

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