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You can see we have mentioned the Developer Options in several articles and tutorials before. The method of opening Developer Options on Android is very simple, just tap on the system build number in the “About Phone” for several times until you see the prompt pops up and tells you that you are a developer. The Developer Options will appear in the System Settings once enabled. Although called the developer option, many of these features are also useful for average user. Today, we will discuss one of the hidden feature in Developer Options and you will see how it help regular users, the Demo Mode.

android phone developer options - demo mode
android phone developer options – demo mode

What is demo mode on Android?

Don’t want to reveal your personal information on the status bar when capturing a screenshot, such as carrier, notifications, certain apps, battery status, your current time, etc. Demo mode on Android makes it easier to take clean screenshots by displaying a generic, preset notification bar that does not show notifications, carrier name, current time, low battery warnings, etc.

You can enable Demo Mode which allows you to change the appearance of the status bar using adb demo mode commands. For average users who are not familiar with adb demo mode commands or looking for a fast way to hide sensitive info from the status bar, one-tap to enable the Show Demo Mode and hide notifications and display a preset status bar.

android phone enable demo mode vs show demo mode lg
android phone enable demo mode vs show demo mode lg

How to activate demo mode on Android?

On Android 7.0 and higher, open Settings, select Developer options >> Demo mode, and you will find two options beneath: Enable demo mode and Show demo mode. Touch the ON/OFF toggle next to Enable demo mode to turn it on, then tap on the toggle to activate Show demo mode as well.

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