Android to connect and control computer via personal hotspot

Remote Mouse app allows Android users to connect to their PC or Mac computer through Wi-fi and control their computer using Android device remotely. You can find more details from following guide to use Android as Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for PC. Sometimes however we may need to use it when Wi-Fi network is not available. Does it work without Wi-Fi? Other than Wi-Fi network, you can also set up a local hotspot network on your phone or computer, then connect your phone or computer to the hotspot on the other device. Remote Mouse will also work in hotspot network without Wi-Fi connection.

Remote Mouse for Android
Remote Mouse for Android

Almost all Android mobile phones allow us to configure hotspot network to share our internet connection or mobile data. Remote Mouse will not consume our cellular data. But meanwhile, make sure there is no other data consumption activity on your computer. Or you can enable hotspot without enabling cellular data.

Huawei mobile phone portable wifi hotspot settings

We have showed how to activate personal hotspot on various Android phones before. For instance, you can follow this tutorial to turn your Huawei mobile phone into Wi-fi hotspot or these steps to set up mobile hotspot on LG Android phone, just to name a few. The same method should work on most other Android powered smartphones and tablets.

remote mouse for android to connect pc computer via personal hotspot

Once your mobile phone’s personal hotspot is configured. Connect your computer to your mobile phone’s hotspot. Then run Remote Mouse on them to connect and start the PC remote control using your mobile phone.

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