Access Windows Shared Files, Folders from Android

Windows has the network file and folder sharing feature we can use to copy files from our PC to other computers or the other way around. You can access a shared Windows folder from Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone or another Windows computer. Since iOS 13, iPhone users can directly connect to Windows file sharing server using the SMB protocol. On Android devices, we can’t find this feature. As a workaround, we can use third-party apps, such as ES File Explorer, FE File Explorer. In this quick guide, we will demonstrate how to access Windows network file sharing from Android mobile phones using FE File Explorer.

About FE File Explorer

FE File Explorer is a powerful file manager app on Android and iOS. It can access not only local files, but also files on your computer, NAS and cloud storage. It comes with both free and premium versions. You can use its free version to connect to one computer or other storage. If you like to connect to more than two devices or storage at the same time, you need to upgrade to the pro version.

FE File Explorer for Android
FE File Explorer for Android

Configure network file share on Windows

Go to turn on network discovery on your PC. Find the files you want to share in File Explorer and put them in a folder. Then right click the folder, go to its Properties > Sharing, then follow on-screen tips to share it in your local network.

Access Windows shared folder from Android

Run the free file explorer app on your Android phone or tablet. Tap Add (+) button at the upper right corner.

On the next screen, you can create new connections. Choose Windows.

FE File Explorer Android - new connection - connect other devices, storage, server, etc.

Instead of creating a new connection manually, you can simply scroll all the way down to the bottom, find your Windows computer in the Network Neighbourhood section.

FE File Explorer Android phone connect Windows computer

Tap your PC name, choose Registered User or Guest in the pop-up menu. Select Registered User, then use your computer username and password to access your shared files and folder on computer right from your mobile device. You will then be able to copy files from your mobile phone to PC or vice versa.

FE File Explorer Android access shared files from Windows 10 PC

FE File Explorer extra tips

This file explorer app allows us to access network shares on macOS, Windows, Linux, NAS via SMB/CIFS protocol. It supports WebDAV Server, FTP Server and SFTP Server as well.

Android and PC file sharing alternative

ES File Explorer is a free yet powerful file explorer, manager and transfer app. It also comes with the feature to access Windows network shared files and folders from Android phone. Unlike FE File Explorer which limits the number of devices you connect in the free version and requires user to pay if they want to connect extra devices, ES File Explorer is totally free to download and use without such limitation.

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