AirMirror for Android is an smartphone remote support and remote control app.

AirMirror for android
AirMirror for android

With Remote Support, you can easily assist your friend or family to solve mobile device issue through Remote Support. This function needs AirDroid Remote Support installed on the other end.

AirMirror Remote Support Overview

Quick Connection by 9-digit Connection Code: No account is required, your friend or family can connect to you simply by their 9-digit Connection Code.

Screen Sharing: Send the screen sharing request with one tap, and you can see the device screen in real-time.

Tutorial Gesture: Swipe or tap on the shared screen, the Tutorial Gesture will show on your friend or familyˇs device. Follow to easily solve the problem.

Voice Message and Text: If you are under a surrounding not suitable for making a call, you can still communicate through sending texts, pictures and voice messages.

Voice Call: AirMirror provides clear voice communication, you can simply call and talk, saving time for texting.

AirMirror fulfill the goal to control one Android phone with another phone. This function needs AirDroid installed on the other end, and log in with the same email account.

AirMirror Remote Control Features:

Remote Control: Directly control another phone/tablet, do whatever you like, no matter where this device is. If the controlled device is not rooted, it is required to process non-root setting through AirDroid PC beforehand.

Remote Camera: Access another phoneˇs view from either front camera or rear camera. You can put this phone as a family security camera, guarding your familyˇs safety.

Observation Mode: Check your deviceˇs screen anytime in real-time.

*If you want to control Android device through PC, you can download AirDroid for PC and Mac here.

Pricing & Download

  • Download AirMirror for Android from Google Play store here.
  • Download AirDroid Remote Support from Google Play Store here. The Remote Support is a commercial app which costs $1.99 for a monthly subscription, and only $1/month for an annual subscription.

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