AirDroid Remote Support

Are you looking for a more effective way to troubleshoot mobile phone problems for your family and friends remotely? Instructing others to solve technical problems via phone call or instant messages could be very difficult. We can’t see their phone screen in real time, the back and forth messaging and file sharing are time-consuming.

AirDroid launched a remote assistance app called AirDroid Remote Support, which completely solved this problem and has been unanimously praised by Android and iPhone users. Now you can directly initiate and perform remote assistance for your friends and family remotely as if you were close together, face to face, whether they’re using an Android phone or iPhone.

AirDroid Remote Support for android app icon
AirDroid Remote Support for android app icon

You can directly see the screen of their smartphone, talk to them in real time, help you quickly locate and solve problems, let them see your touches and instructions on their screen.

Main Features:

  • Real-time screen sharing: mirror phone screen without rooting your device;
  • Effective communication: chat with voice message and text, and even real-time voice call;
  • Share your screen gesture: show the operation with tutorial gestures as if you were operating on their devices in person;
  • Quick connection with code, no signup required: Build the connection with a 9-digit connection code without an account.
  • Privacy Protection: During screen-sharing, you can pause anytime you want to protect your password and privacy not to seen by the other.

How to use the Remote Support?

  • Step 1. Download AirMirror on your phone. Remote Support has been integrated into AirMirror.
  • Step 2. Download AirDroid Remote Support on the target device to be controlled. The download link can be found at the bottom of this post.
  • Step 3. Open AirMirror, tap Remote Support, then enter the 9-digit connection code which shows on AirDroid Remote Support to start the session.

If you want to control Android device, perform remote support from a PC, you can download AirDroid for PC and Mac here.

How much does it cost?

$1.99 for a monthly subscription, and only $1/month for an annual subscription.


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