How to add new input method on LG phone?

Being a bilingual or multilingual, you may often need to input different languages on your phone. Luckily, smartphones nowadays allow users to set different languages and input methods. In this article, we’ll show you how to add new input methods for different languages to your smartphone without changing the system default language.

We’ll use an LG phone as the example to show you how to add different languages and input methods to an Android phone. The settings on various mobile phones may differ slightly, but the basic approach should be much the same.

Unlock your LG phone, open the Settings app. Choose Language & keyboard. Find and tap on LG keyboard in the Keyboard & Input Methods section.

lg android phone language, keyboard, input method settings
lg android phone language, keyboard, input method settings

Tap on Select languages to expand the list of all available languages and keyboard, see below screenshot.

add language, keyboard, input method lg mobile phone

Note that you may find different keyboard layouts for a language. For example, on my LG phone, there are three different keyboards for French: AZERTY, QWERTZ AND QWERTY. Select the language and keyboard to add the new input method on your Android mobile phone.

Now call out the soft keyboard on your mobile phone, you can then switch between different input methods you have already activated on your phone.

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