Access Windows PC from Android phone

If you like to share movies, videos, music and other files across all your devices, or set up a media server at home, you can use the network sharing feature, one of the most useful hidden features with Windows OS. If you don’t know how to create Network Share on PC, you may refer to this guide to stream videos and music from PC to Android over Network Share. Basically what you need to do is to turn on Network Discovery and file & printer sharing, then share the folder on your Windows computer.

Here we’d like to share with you a free file browser app for Android which allows you to browse files and folders on your phone, cloud storage, and shared folders on your local area network. Check out the following steps to log into a Windows PC using the free CX File Explorer app over WiFi.

Open Cx File Explorer on your Android mobile or tablet, you may need to grant it access to your phone’s file system if it is the first time you launch it on your device.

Switch from the Local to Network tab. Tap + New location > Remote, you will see options for connecting to devices remotely, such as Local Network, SMB, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, etc.

CX file explorer on android phone to access remote storage, servers, devices, smb, ftp, sftp, webdav, local network

Choose Local Network. Then the file explorer app on your Android phone will scan your local network for new devices. If you have configured the shared folder on your Windows computer and both your phone and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, your computer should appear.

CX file explorer on android phone to access local network, windows pc

Tap on your PC name or IP here. Then enter PC username and password to log in to the computer. Press on OK button to verify the username and password and finally get access to the shared folders on the computer from your smart phone.

CX file explorer on android phone to verify username password before access windows pc SMB file server,

From now on, any time you want to access the Windows shared folder from your Android, just open Cx File Explorer, go to Network and tap the computer name. You can then log on automatically without manually input the PC username and password again unless you have reset the credentials.

You can browser, open, play, copy & paste files stored in the shared folder on your PC using the CX file explorer on your Android phone, just like you manage files saved on local storage.

CX file explorer on android phone to access windows shared files and folders

This free file explorer app offers us one of the easiest way to stream, share, transfer files between Android and computer.

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